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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the big wave. good morning to you. welcome to thursday march 17th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. happy st. patrick's day. get a quick look at the weather this morning. still pretty chilly out there. >> it is. pamela and dave, good morning. points north you'll have possibility of some showers already beginning to move on. but for the rest of the bay area we'll have sunshine in the morning and then partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. highs only upper 50s low 6 0z and we're looking for a pretty big change by friday. get to that in about five minutes. now sal with an update on traffic. steve, right now southbound and northbound 101 traffic looking good coming up through the area. no major problems as you drive through marin county. also looking at interstate 880 traffic is moving well. now at 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. all right. thank you, sal. in japan helicopters are still dumping sea water on the
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earthquake damaged nuclear plant trying to prevent a meltdown. the helicopter crews can only work about 40 minutes at a time for their own safety to limit radiation exposure. now the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says there's no more water in one of the spent fuel pools at the plant. increasing the chance of widespread nuclear fallout. however, japanese officials deny that that pool is dry. the u.s. government is now chartering airplanes to help evacuate u.s. citizens from japan because of the rising radiation levels. voluntary evacuation to family members of government employees. time now 5:01. scientists here on the west coast are closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled japanese nuclear reactors. it's expected to hit the illusion islands south of alaska some time today. that plume is then expected to reach southern california late
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tomorrow. the health experts are emphasizing radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say health consequences here in the united states would be extremely minor. now the environmental protection agency is installing additional radiation monitors here in california to just stay on top of the current threat. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live in berkeley now where they're also installing monitors at the university. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. although experts are saying the risk of radiation is minimal, city leaders along with professors right here at cal are taking precautions. we watched the professor yesterday in the nuclear engineering department as he showed us a device which measures the amount of radio active material in the air. he was set to install it on the roof of one of the buildings on campus. the u.s. environmental protection agency already monitors radiation throughout the area with 125 realtime devices which measure levels in
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air, drinking water, milk and rain. but they are also installing some 40 additional radiation air monitors here on the west coast. the professor we spoke to told us it is inevitable. the west coast is bound to see some radiation float our way even if it will be minor and insignificant enough to cause any real harm to residents. >> ultimately the radioactivity can be measured through the distribution by air or winds. so we expect that at the least will happen in japan will go up and will hit the jet stream and the jet stream will bring it over here within as a matter of fact soon. >> reporter: coming up, berkeley isn't the only city with people who are setting up devices to measure potential radiation. we'll take you to san francisco coming up. reporting live in berkeley, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. there's another earthquake overnight in the pacific ocean
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near the island nation of vanity. a magnitude 6.7 but the tsunami warning center says there's no danger of tsunami. no serious danger or damage has been reported. it is in the pacific ring of fire in the arc of earthquakes faults around the pacific ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occurs. this is a story we first told you about. overnight we received a sad update involving an accomplished big wave surfer. ktvu's claudine wong has details about this tragedy occurred on the bay area's best known surfing beach. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. take a look behind me because you can see the lights lit up. that is where mavericks is. that's pillar point at the end of that where the big waves are. that's is where he was surfing yesterday when he lost his life. waves were reportedly 40 to 60 feet high and he had been
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apparently surfing all day. this is video from the scene. he was a professional surfer visiting from hawaii. he apparently gotten a big endorsement deal and named north shore surfer of the year just last month. he got some prize money then and he used some of that money to fly to santa cruz last sunday to surf some of these big waves. here's what we understand happened. it was late in the afternoon and he had been surfing all day. trying to get one last set of waves when he went under making a turn. two waves rolled in which prevented him from coming up. and he wasn't found until about 20 minutes later near the harbor entrance at half-moon bay close to a mile away from where the surf's breaking. we've been watching an interview this morning talking about how supportive his wife is and two young daughters and talked a lot about searching for the big wave. >> for me i just love being out on the ocean. that's the freedom we get is being out there. i would love to like spend the next couple years searching and
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maybe like try to like really catch the biggest wave and like you know that would be like an insane feeling to be known in society as the biggest waves ever ridden. >> reporter: it is that search for the big wave that brings so many surfers to mavericks. you can see the rock that has the letters foo on it. that is a tribute to another surfer from hawaii who died in 1994 while surfing mavericks. there have been recent stories of people getting hurt there. back live here where you can see the lights of where the maverick secure breaks. the contest didn't happen this year because the window closed before the waves got big enough but surfers will tell you the waves are still very big and certainly a very tragic story this morning for the entire surfing community. again, he was very well known. we'll continue to follow this story all morning long and try to get reaction for you and keep you updated here on the morning news.
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live at half-moon bay, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. there's a big warning if you plan to drive down to big sur on the coast. a long stretch of highway 1 near hurricane point is now closed indefinitely. the chp closed it last night after a mud slide took out 40 feet of highway 1 and pushed it right into the pacific ocean. right now not even cal tran's repair crews are being allowed in because it's too dangerous. the area may remain closed off for several days. that's big. time now 5:07. let's check in with sal. how's our commute so far? so far it's so good, dave and pam. right now traffic is moving along pretty well along the bay area. as you look at highway 24 getting up to the tunnel it has been a very nice drive and no major problems this morning on interstate 680 heading to walnut creek. this is a look at 80 westbound bay bridge toll plaza. and the traffic is moving along very nicely coming into oakland. and of course this morning on northbound 280 it's looking good getting up to highway 17. so we're off to a pretty nice
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start in the south bay. 5:07, let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have clear skies out there. it's colder compared to what we've had a lot lately in our lows. a chilly morning. or cold. 30s are cold. sunshine then clouds. farther north you go mostly cloudy skies, possibility of light showers. i'll show you that in a second on live storm tracker 2. friday rain and wind. in fact may start friday morning turning colder as well. the weekend is just a broad brush as this low parts and sends in waves. off and on rain, colder. highs will be in the low 50s for many. and a possibility of thunderstorms as this cold dynamic system comes in. and days are getting longer now. angle of the sun getting higher. so thunderstorms with this system dropping in you can see it right there coming down right there that's going to play into weather on friday. today we start off finally the moisture drifting south little system that's clipping the north right there where it goes. right there. just a little guy. see shower activity about point
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arena north. if you're up in lake county, northern sonoma keep an eye on the sky t. is not a big system but it's there to clip you right there in the morning hours. it is moving north. so away from most of the bay. 30s and 40s a long time since we've had 30s. temperatures have been in the 50s for the longest time. that's not the case. we finally got the system to move south, cooler air moved in, skies cleared and temperatures drop. 30s and low 40s for many. one system stays north and moves out. that's looking better and better and also going to be very cold dynamic system as that sets up shop and kind of plays into our forecast. not today though. cold morning, clouds will pop up farther north showers are possible certainly towards sonoma county. for us we're looking for a cold morning. clear. sun then clouds. showers to the north. lows though 30s. highs 50s to few low 6 0z. temperatures struggling because it's so much colder this morning. it's a push on the highs even if wet # we get a bit more
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sunshine. tomorrow the rain moves in. looks like north bay first in the morning and moderate maybe heavy rain friday afternoon and evening. then just off and on rain plus colder and lower snow levels as we go into the weekend. dave and pam. all right. time now 5:09. hillary clinton reveals political plans for the future but she's raising more questions than she's answering. plus signs that the united states doesn't like the way japan is handling its nuclear crisis. good morning. traffic is moving well on highway 4 up to the willow pass grade. another update straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. president obama is now being briefed about nuclear experts about the crisis in japan. allison burns in our washington d.c. newsroom with reports that the administration is becoming increasingly alarmed about how this crisis is being handled. allison. >> reporter: pam, u.s. officials are quoted as saying the next 24 to 48 hours are critical or the situation could be deadly for decades. this is a picture the white house released of president obama's call with japan's prime minister. there are reports tensions are escalating dramatically between the two countries over japan's reaction to the nuclear crisis including this helicopter water drop. one expert called it clueless and floundering. a key area of disagreement is the evacuation zone.
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japanese officials are ordering people within 12 miles of the damaged reactors to leave. u.s. officials say the evacuation zone should be 50 miles. >> we took a look at the information that we had and compared it to the actions that we would take here in the united states. as a result of that, we determined that in the united states we would make a recommendation to evacuate personnel to a much larger area than is currently being done in japan. >> reporter: we'll take a closer look at how the united states and other countries are trying to help japan avert a total nuclear meltdown during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. for the latest on the crisis in japan at any time you can go to our website at and click on the japan quake tab. time now 5:14. four reporters for the new york times are missing in libya this morning. reportedly they were last heard from tuesday. now the new york times says if it turns out these reporters
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were captured by military forces, the libyan government has promised to release them unharmed. in the meantime supporters of a no-fly zone over libya are demanding a u.n. security council vote today. an american cia contractor just released from a prison in pakistan has now left that country. raymond davis accused of killing two pakistan men who he claims tried to rob him. pakistan officials say the united states paid more than $2 million ransom for his release. the family members for those who were killed announce they are now dropping charges in exchange for money. hillary clinton says she does not want to be secretary of state even if president obama remains in the white house for a second term. secretary clinton says she plans to step down from that post by early 2013. and she says she's not interested in running for president or vice president either. state regulators are threatening to fine pg&e up to
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$1 million a day after the utility handed over incomplete safety records. they're also considering ordering the utility to reduce pressure on additional pipeline. the california public utilities commission requested key safety documents following the disaster in san bruno. regulators are expected to vote on the fines next thursday. time now 5:15. state lawmakers meet again today. they're going to take up two key parts of the governor's budget proposal. yesterday both houses approved massive cut backs to state welfare programs, services for the developmentally disabled and other programs. those reductions are expected to help close california's $26 billion deficit. now on the agenda today is whether to eliminate the state's redevelopment agencies and the issue of a special election to extend income and vehicle taxes. san francisco business has violated the city's minimum wage ordinance four times. that's more than any other business according to a report
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in the san francisco examiner. the owner estella crew french laundry says he struggled to pay the city's required $9.92 an hour. he says most of his competitors in marin, oakland and south san francisco only paid the state minimum of $8 an hour. now the owner of that business has paid more than $177,000 in fines and penalties. starting next month there will only be one fire station in the city of pinole. voted to close the only other station as part of cost cutting measures. that will eliminate $900,000 a year in expenses. the fire chief says it could also increase response time by as much as seven minutes for some people. one person says he knows firsthand how every second can count after he had a fire in his kitchen. >> neighbor across the street started banging on my door. i must have dozed off and my
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neighbor called and they came right away. so i really appreciate that they're here. >> even after closing the fire station, the city still needs to find $600,000 more to eliminate. it's already cut 45 city workers in the last three years as a way to eliminate $4 million in expenses. time now 5:17. let's check in with sal see what's happening on the roads. how's it? seems pretty quiet. it is pretty quiet. traffic continues to move along very nicely, dave and pam, around the bay area. go outside and take a look at highway 4. we certainly are getting more traffic out there as you get closer to 6:00 we're going to get even more on highway 4. in fact 5:00 is the hour when it really gets busy here. also moving along to the commute westbound bay bridge that traffic is moving along nicely. and this morning's drive on oakland freeways north and southbound 880 traffic looks good getting up to the 880 interchange. now back to the desk. let's go back to steve.
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thank you, sal. we have a little system clipping the northern forecast area. but for the bay it's mostly clear. some patchy fog. but 30s. i haven't had 30s in a while but we have some this morning. 36 in sonoma. coolest i could find so far. a lot of 30s here. morning sun, p.m. clouds. there is a system clipping just around mend county. possibility of few light showers. overall a mostly sunny day. friday big changes. rain and wind colder and possibility of thunderstorms as a system drops down from the gulf of alaska. there it is. right there. but it's not today. it will be tomorrow. we have the clearing behind that. finally the plume of moisture from the southwest finally got out of here. it's getting pushed south because of the system i'm standing right in front of. there a little system, a little wave in the atmosphere, just a wave zipping by right near fort brag. if we get any moisture in the higher elevations could be a little snow there. our system is lifting northeast right there. but we'll mention some showers
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especially sonoma county north. 36 santa rosa. 37 fairfield. now concord, buchanan says 40. but i've seen 38 not far away. livermore's also 38. 42 oakland. 40 redwood city. probably 39 towards woodside. and san jose's at 43. one system will just kind of move up like that to the north. the rest of us will have patchy fog, clear skies in the morning and then sunny. clouds developing in the afternoon as that system gets closer. so it's a no doubt about it colder morning sunny and then clouds. points north or driving north or whatever up there possibility of some showers. sierra nevada national weather service in sacramento has already issued a winter storm warning that starts at 5:00 a.m. friday. so today would be a good day to get up to the mountains. you don't have to worry about today unless you're going towards chias that. that goes until 5:00 a.m. saturday. one to three feet snow level about 4,000. start around 4500 and go to 2500 by saturday. get up there today if you can or very early on friday.
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cold morning, sun and clouds. some showers possible to the north. but upper 50s, low 60s here for almost everybody. 59 seemed rather popular on my forecasted highs today to some 63-degree readings san jose, morgan hill. cold morning and then sunny for a while. clouds start to pop up. rain and wind move in on friday and then a cold off and on rainy colder pattern over the weekend. dave and pam. well, the yen hit a record high against the dollar today. but japanese stocks still lost nearly 1.5% on continuing concerns over the nuclear power plant. at one point japan's down more than 3.5%. but investors bought back the yen which is considered a conservative global investment. and oil prices topped $99 a barrel as traders try to figure out if the damage to the nuclear plants will increase the demand for oil. checking in on the numbers, our futures right now indicate
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quite a rebound for stocks, but of course that comes after some pretty big drops yesterday with the dow jones off 242 points. it starts today at 11,613. nasdaq and s&p 500 also losing ground. and mostly it's the global concerns and the situation in japan because there are no real economic news or earnings coming out today here in the u.s. twitter is close to signing a deal that would keep it in san francisco for at least six years. the microblog firm plans to move into the old furniture mart at ninth and market streets but only if the city will give it a payroll tax exemption. former supervisor says the deal gives a multimillion break to a company worth billions of dollars. time is now 5:22. there are reports this morning the city of san francisco and the 49ers may be inching closer to a deal. what this might mean for santa clara's hopes for a new stadium there. and what the world health organization is telling shop
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horse are concerned act the safety of food imported from japan. good morning. highway 4 traffic looks pretty good, but it is getting busier in many key areas. we'll run it down for you straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. patchy fog out there. and some 30s. some 30s. bundle up there. it will be a layers day. some clouds in north.
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possible showers in the north bay. overall mostly sunny, partly cloudy. today the judge in the barry bonds perjury case will review several final legal issues before the start of next week's trial. yesterday prosecutors released transcripts of voice mail messages bonds left for his former mistress during their long relationship. most show bonds angerly demanding to know kimberly bell's whereabouts. prosecutors say the recordings are evidence of so-called roid rage. bonds' attorneys say they are simply lover spats caught on tape. the city of san francisco and the 49ers are inching closer to a deal that would end their long legal battle. it would also allow the 9ers to leave candle stick park as soon as 2014 and possibly move south to santa clara. in exchange the agreement would stop the 49ers from pursuing a $60 million claim over the run down conditions at candle stick. san francisco's still fighting to save the 9ers and have them play at a new stadium not far
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from candle stick. time now 5:26. the crisis in japan is sparking some new food safety concerns right here in the u.s. the world health organization says there's been no sign of radiation contamination outside of japan. however, customers at some bay area markets are beginning to ask about the safety of the food imported from japan. >> people are worried about whether products are going to be having radiation con damnation at all. >> 4% of the u.s. food supply comes from japan. the food and drug administration has screening plans in place to make sure our food is safe. a desperate race against time to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. we go live to tokyo next for a run down on the late breaking developments. back here at home work on the cold cot tunnel will reach a significant milestone today. and police are searching for a bold gunman after a shooting stuns people who were
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sitting eating their lunch. and find out why your drive today -- on your drive today you may see a lot more police officers. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is thursday. it is march 17th. and it's st. patrick's day. >> yes, it is.
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i dawned my green. >> sorry to cut you off. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it is 5:30. check in with steve for the weather. how does it look? by the way my tie is very green. >> you're going to get pinched today. >> i hope so. we have mostly clear skies, patchy fog, 30s on the temps and to the north possibility of few showers. 50s and 60s. enjoy today because big changes tomorrow. we'll get to that in our weather segment in about five minutes. here's sal with an update on traffic. good morning. westbound 92 looks good getting out to the high-rise of the san mateo bridge. very nice drive. it's dry going to help the morning commute especially after the last few wet days it will make it easier to drive. so far it's been nice as we look at live look at the golden gate bridge traffic heading down to san francisco. southbound 101 wide open for your drive to doyle drive. 5:31. back to the desk. nuclear power employees in japan are working around the clock right now.
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they're trying to prevent a catastrophic meltdown. our reporter martin savage live in tokyo monitoring this story and other late breaking developments in this unprecedented crisis. martin. >> reporter: morning, dave. many are wondering tonight is it determination or desperation? japan today launched a series of efforts to try to prevent an all out nuclear disaster at the damaged nuclear facility. unfortunately tonight it does not appear that they're working. japanese forces took to the air thursday using helicopters to dump sea water on reactor number three in the latest attempt to try and cool the damaged reactors at the nuclear plant and bring radiation levels down. but experts believe steam rising from the pools may actually be releasing radiation into the atmosphere. since a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami devastated northeast japan, officials have been working to
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resolve cooling problems at four of the six reactors. >> it may be too early to tell, but based on the four operations we believe it will help to cool down the fuel based on the data we'll be receiving from the government task force we will be able to verify whether the mission has been met with success. >> reporter: president obama called japan's prime minister thursday to get an update on the situation and to let the japanese people know the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president barack obama expressed sympathy to the japanese public. and he also offered support including the support related to nuclear power plants. >> reporter: meanwhile the united states urged its citizens to move at least 50 miles away from the nuclear plants, further than the 12 miles recommended by japanese officials. u.s. state department announced that charter flights will be made available to u.s. citizen
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who is want to leave. the united states is also going to provide a drone similar to the ones -- the main ones that fly over afghanistan and iraq. the idea here is to give the japanese government better understanding of what may be happening down in that damaged nuclear facility. by the way, dave, should tell you while we were in the middle of that package we just had another pretty good sized aftershock here. so the country still continues to feel the effects of last friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami. >> all right. probably will for some time. martin savage, thank you for that update. janr returned home last night after covering the crisis for the past few days. she flew out of tokyo's airport and found long lines of people waiting to get out of japan including many people here from the bay area. they made it through last week's devastating quake and tsunami. now they're worried about the threat of a nuclear meltdown. >> we were supposed to stay
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until friday. and meetings on thursday and friday were both canceled. >> we also weren't sure what was going on with the nuclear situation. so wanted to leave the country and be out of the way. >> she took a taxi to the airport. there was hardly any traffic probably because gas is in short supply. her taxi driver told her drivers can only by five gallons at a time. time now 5:34. so far the american people have donated far less money to help the victims of the quake and tsunami in japan than in other recent disaster. charities here in the u.s. have raised $49 million for japan in the six days since that tsunami hit. that compares to $296 million in donations in the first seven days after the quake in haiti last year. and almost $250 million in the first week to help the victims of the indian ocean tsunami in 2004. experts say it's probably because japan is viewed by some
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as being a wealthy nation. now our channel 2 website,, has more information on how you can help out in the relief effort for japan. just look for the japan quake tab on the front page. in santa rosa a blind couple was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. it happened tuesday night on west third street while the two were on their way to dinner. 49-year-old eric suffered a broken leg and fractured ribs. his girlfriend suffered a sprained ankle. police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash which is still under investigation. we have an update on that bank robbery inside a benicia supermarket. police released this surveillance video of the suspect. now investigators say he approached a bank teller and demanded cash. it happened inside south hampton ro on tuesday. if you have any information about that suspect, please call benicia police.
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san jose police are searching for the person who shot a man right outside a mcdonald's. it happened yesterday afternoon across from santa clara medical center. police say the shooter walked up to a man and shot him in the head. victim believed to be in his 20 now on life support. no word yet on the motive. time now 5:36. work on the tunnel will reach a very significant milestone today. ktvu's kraig debro is in oakland right now to tell us what is happening with that fourth bore project. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're going to give you an exclusive look. westbound 24 little traffic report here moving through smoothly. now on the other side is the fourth bore. take a look at this side we're on that bridge and this is the fourth bore. look at that. you can see a little bit of an indentation there right now. that indentation was basically the beginning of the tunnel's
5:38 am
portal wall, the breakthrough of this western side. it happened a week ago today. the entire project got underway last august tunneling on the fourth bore approximately one- third of the way through the length of the tunnel. the entire town being excavated in four quadrants. take a look to the right there that's the relationship between the fourth bore and where the other bores are in the tunnel. we'll have much more from here later this morning and try to get hold of cal trans. we believe we're in the spot where the tour is supposed to go right now. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 5:38 is the time right now. go back to sal for a look at traffic. how is the commute, sal? things are doing much better today pam, pam and dave. a dry day. last few haven't been all that great because of the wet weather. today it is dry in most bay area counties and even some of
5:39 am
that standing water has finally recede ceded. westbound 92 and all the bay area bridges noticeable improvement this morning as you drive to the other side of the bay. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is getting busier, but certainly nothing just yet. now around 6:00 is when we start seeing the bigger crowds. you still have time to get out there and jump ahead of that crowd getting into san francisco. again, we keep watching the santa cruz mountains because the last few days those commutes have been terrible. a couple e-mails saying it's been an adventure on highway 17 because of the downed tree limbs and mud. this morning it's much better. we have mostly clear skies. colder this morning than we've seen in a long time. layers for the morning hours because we have some 30s. we've been stuck in the 50s with a lot of cloud cover. chilly, cold. we'll get some clouds there is a system moving up possibility of showers there.
5:40 am
fridays though today is the between day. the transition day. friday rain and wind turning colder and carry that into the weekend. off and on rain, colder, possible thunderstorms and snow coming down maybe around 2500 feet around here. the low i'm talking about for tomorrow is dropping straight down. where is it coming down out of? out of the gulf of alaska. finally took that moisture sitting on us for the last 48 hours moves sends it down to southern california allowing skies to clear. this system just moving through kind of skirting on by. shelter, cove, fort brag, maybe northern sonoma coast up towards lake county possibility of some morning showers. but for areas south it won't be that bad. you can see how it's kind of lifting. there's a little line out there. start with mostly clear skies. patchy fog down towards san jose. and 30s, 36 santa rosa, 37 napa, fairfield. san raphael at 38.
5:41 am
livermore 38. 40 concord. but not far away upper 30s as well. for the south it will be sunny. cold air mass is in place because the lows are about 15 degrees cooler. it will be a push on the highs. we lose cloud cover, get the sun, temperatures upper 50s low 60s. tomorrow deal with this system going to play right into the weekend as well. cold morningings sunny and clouds. showers possible to the north. northern napa county. northern sonoma county. lake county. but for everyone else a beautiful day. for the sierra if you have to travel today would be a good day to go because there's a winter storm warning out tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. goes through 5:00 a.m. saturday. snow level around 4500 or 4,000 feet. but by saturday night and sunday down around maybe 2,000 feet. cold morning here. sunshine for a while. then get some partly cloudies in here. heading north keep an eye on the sky. upper 50s and very low 60s today because the lows are so
5:42 am
much colder. the angle of the sun is getting higher and days are getting longer. that will play into the forecast for the weekend. we have possibility of thundershowers but deal with rain on friday and off and on colder breezy windy pattern over the weekend. dave and pam. all right. thank you, steve. 5:41. new numbers released moments ago. what the labor department just said about the nation's employment crisis. also chp some excellent advice on what not to do tonight. good morning. westbound 92 traffic looks pretty good getting on to the high-rise. we are already getting some slow spots in some areas you will want to give yourself more time for.
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good morning. we have mostly clear skies. cold out there. 30s and some 40s. patchy fog. sunshine for a while and partly cloudy skies this afternoon. 50s and 60s. showers are possible northern sonoma county and napa county later. all right. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44. the surfing community is mourning the death of a hawaiian surfer who died trying to surf mavericks. he was found yesterday unconscious on the beach. witnesses say he wiped out and apparently drowned. in japan helicopter flights that were dumping water on the overheated nuclear reactor have now been suspended. experts want to evaluate whether this has had any effect on the situation at all. this is part of a desperate effort to prevent a meltdown at that nuclear plant. and scientists here on the west coast are closely watching a radioactive plume coming from the crippled japanese nuclear
5:46 am
reactors. that plume is expected to hit the islands south of alaska some time today. then the plume is expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. the fear of radiation is only adding to the daily stress faced by survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than 450,000 people are now crammed into temporary shelters. they have no privacy and very few showers and toilets. meantime, rescue crews from around the world continue to help with the search for survivors. >> obviously that gentleman seemed to think there was somebody in his premise. also another member of his family trying to indicate somebody underneath the building. >> the search and rescue crews are helping family members who are looking for loved ones but the results are often heartbreaking. now to find out how you can help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan, just look on our website
5:47 am
at we have a link set up under the japan quake tab that's right on our home page. time now 5:46. nasa worried today about the amount of uncontrolled space junk that's floating around in space. old rockets, abandoned satellites and even missile shrapnel is dangering the area. nasa is considering a plan to use lasers on some of the 20,000 pieces of space junk slightly further out into space. back here at home a man in a wheelchair shot by san francisco police officers has filed a lawsuit against those officers who shot him. police opened fire on him back in january. that shooting was captured there on cell phone video. the officers say they shot him because he stabbed a police officer with a knife. now he is mentally ill and is facing criminal charges in the
5:48 am
incident. we want to show you a dog that's being called the million dollar mutt. in reality, this red ticket maas tiff just sold for $1,000,00600,000. the dog is expected to weigh 180 pounds with a very expensive appetite. listen to this. he likes things like sea cucumber. bay area residents who have a little too much green beer or other drinks today on st. patrick's day should not try to drive home. that's a warning from the california highway patrol. the chp county sheriff office and police departments around the bay area are setting up dui check points to cut down on the number of alcohol-related accidents. drivers who do are being offered to get home safely today burg injury lawyers sponsoring safe and sober cab ride home. adults in san francisco, berkeley, oakland and alameda
5:49 am
can call a cab and get home. the law firm will pick up as much as $35 of the fare. triple a of northern california will also tow any car up to five miles for free if the driver or passenger calls a local office and says i need help. sal, you don't see anything that looks bizarre? i don't see anything out there but i do not doubt that perhaps there may be one or two people out there who are already doing some celebration which is okay as long as you don't drive when you're impaired. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is actually moving okay westbound coming into san francisco. so, again, just to amplify on the story we just read, one of the great things to do is just to designate a driver. get a friend and maybe that friend will do that for you next time. you see how it works? and everyone's happy and safe. this is a look at interstate 880. that traffic is moving along very well as you drive
5:50 am
outbound. the maps are going to start with a super wide view and then zoom in to contra costa county because westbound highway 4 as you come up to the antioch area to concord looks pretty good. it's a little lighter than it normally is for this time. normally i see a bit more color on the maps. when you see green that's good for you because that means road sensors are showing traffic moving at or near the speed limit which is also nice especially from vallejo, richmond. that may change but for now off to a nice start. let's go to steve. thank you. we have mostly clear skies. colder this morning. temperatures dropping into the 30s for many and that's not something we've had for a while. some morning sun and then clouds points north a system just skirting right along the sonoma county border. possibility of showers there. waiting for a system to move in on friday and that will bring us rain and wind and turning colder. much colder especially as when he had towards saturday and when you get some colder air
5:51 am
mass in place possibility of thunderstorms as well. that won't be until friday and saturday. there's the system between shelter cove, little off the sonoma coast. it's a colder morning. our system finally went south. that has allowed us to cool off under clear skies. you can see compact system there kind of like right there zipping to the northeast. some might drag across later on. fairfield, san raphael, livermore, i'm sure others around a lot of low 40s this morning or 30s compared to the mid-50s or upper 50s we had a couple days ago. one system moves out, high pressure will protect most of us unless you're again to the north and wait for this system to come in. friday morning for the north bay and friday morning for everybody. sierra nevada today's a great day if you want to head up there or very early friday morning because winter storm warnings start at 5:00 a.m. friday goes through 5:00 a.m. saturday. snowfall one to three feet
5:52 am
easily above that at 7,000 feet. snow level around 4,000 feet but it will be dropping to 2500 feet as we head into the weekend. today cold this morning. little chill out there. sunshine for a while. partly cloudy skies for a while. showers to the north. upper 50s, low maybe few mid-6 0z. because lows are 15 degrees cooler than lately it will be a push between warming up too much today. tomorrow we bring in rain and wind and colder temperatures and carry that right into the weekend, dave and pam. all right. thank you, steve. just a few minutes ago the labor department reported initial jobless claims are down 385,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. but that is down 16,000 from the week before when the number jumped much more than analysts predicted. continuing claims also fell but they're still at 3.71 million. the number of law school applications is down 11.5% this year. the wall street journal says the decline is because college
5:53 am
seniors are wary of an expensive degree that leads to uncertain job prospects. one law school dean says most of the decreases in students who plan to attend law school because they didn't know what else to do. jp morgan chase is charging some people as much as $5 to use its atms. the bank is testing an increase in fees in texas and illinois where it has more than 20% of its entire atm network. now if out of network usage stays relatively flat, it's likely to increase fees in other states and other banks are watching to see if it's practical for them to also charge higher atm fees. all right. time now 5:53. there's a new view to show you of when that wall of water from the tsunami hit. what surveillance cameras captured as a store in hawaii was engulfed by the rushing waves.
5:54 am
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go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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the tsunami from japan caused quite a bit of damage to a store in hawaii. take a look at this surveillance video shows the waves crashing right through the store's entrance on friday. the water knocked down clothing racks and left other merchandise washed up in the parking lot. the store was hit by waves for about three and a half hours. wow. time now 5:56. let's check in with sal to see how our commute is starting out. we're doing pretty well especially compared to the last
5:57 am
few days of this week's commute. going out to the south bay northbound 280 gets into the valley looks very nice. 17 a much improved commute coming over the hill and down to the valley. also as you look at 680 coming from pleasanton through fremont it's a nice drive heading there. ace train is on time heading from central valley to san jose. this morning at the toll plaza we are getting more cars but certainly not a crowd yet as you cue up to get into san francisco. it's 5:57. let's go back to dave and pam. all right, sal. we want to take a live look at the white house this morning on st. paddy's day morning. look at the white house fountain dyed green for st. patrick's day t. is a tradition first lady michelle obama and president obama brought with them from chicago where of course the chicago river is dyed green on st. patrick's day. look at what happened early this morning. worker in charge of turning the white house fountain water green you look at the bottom of
5:58 am
the screen, he tripped and fell. took an unexpected early morning swim in that green water at the white house. yikes, but we saw him. oh, dear. what's happening right now in japan as fears continue to rise about a potential nuclear disaster? even more troubling reports that a radioactive cloud will reach alaska and parts of california today. what do the health experts say? only on channel 2, how this surveillance video of a woman running to a gate turns out to be key to an investigation into a string of robberies. good morning. mostly clear sky. cold though. we'll have some forecasted highs coming up. more sunshine.
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